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Build rebuild is a video experience piece. The experience is set in a studio room, three videos play in three different tv screens, the screen on the left-hand side of the room plays a video of the artist unravelling a ball of wool, the action is played in slow motion in order to have the same duration as the video playing on the right screen showing the ravelling of the ball of wool.

Build rebuild shows through images of the ravelling and unravelling and construction and deconstruction of a peg how long it takes to build something compared to how easy and quick it is to break it down. The piece shows a concept I'm fascinated by: how easy and quick is to break and deconstruct yet how complicated it is to construct. construction requires much more effort as it requires the builder to think and develop a project, it requires imagination and time while on the other hand deconstruction requires no effort only brute force.

the piece aims to make the viewer think and be submerged by the experience. I want the viewer to think of “build rebuild” not only in terms of banal everyday objects but on a wider scale, I want the audience to think about politics, international relations. How long it can take to build up relationships between countries and how easily all that work can be disposed of through a single violent act of war.

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