son of our generation

Son of Our Generation is a composite performance-video art piece which aims to tell the recorded history of the 20th and early 21st century, including the most important events, personalities, technological advances and pop-culture movements of the past 120 years. The video displayed is comprised of over 300 individual pieces of footage each carefully picked over a review period of more than  3000 minutes of footage and over 48 hours of total research. The artwork explorers storytelling through memory and imagination, each image expected to create a certain reaction on every individual witnessing the piece. Son of Our Generation is the culmination of my project as I invite the viewers to experience their individual stories. The artwork explores themes of memory and storytelling inspired by Bill Viola's and Pipilotti Rist's work. The piece also blends with the rule-breaking and rule challenging elements of performance art. I believe that art is much more about the artist than the art itself, the same way a story is the elements, the characters and the moments, but more importantly how we each interpret those individually,  it is that individuality that makes us special after all.

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